The White Dwarf Magazine

WDM#06 W A S S E R M A N N with Wolfgang Matuschek

Vienna, 24th May – 07th June, 2018

– “That dog’s worth five hundred bucks,” Charley said, delighted at their response. He saw them straining to see the house, making out the sight of the horse as it cropped grass out in the field. “Come on,” he said, opening the door for them. “She’ll sure be pleased to see you.” As the three of them walked toward the house he explained, in disjointed phrases, how Fay had felt about them and how badly they both had wanted to meet them.

– “WHEN I SAW CHARLEY coming up the path from the car with those two delightful apparitions I could hardly believe my eyes. It was the greatest present he could have given me, and I completely adored him for it. Putting down my book I ran into my bedroom and took a look at myself in the mirror. Why at this time had that little queer down in Fairfax chosen to cut my hair on one side shorter than on the other? From my closet I grabbed out my blue-striped shirt and began buttoning it over my halter and tucking it into my shorts.”

– “Yes”, . . .

“Okay”,. . .

“If she’ll pick me up and drive me back.”


Photo credits: Wolfgang Matuschek & White Dwarf Projects